Help us Launch Hold My Guns® Firearms Storage in all 50 States!  image

Help us Launch Hold My Guns® Firearms Storage in all 50 States!

Voluntary Storage During Times of Crisis or Personal Need

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Help us launch Hold My Guns® firearms storage in every state!

Hold My Guns® is a liberty-based nonprofit organization that connects gun owners with Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) across the United States to provide storage during times of crisis or personal need.

Founded by gun owners, Hold My Guns® is a non-legislative solution to help prevent suicide, theft, instances of stolen firearms used in crimes, and accidental shootings. Partnering gun shops make a difference in their communities by utilizing their firearms storage space to help save lives.

Gun owners have a variety of personal reasons, including preventing unauthorized access to firearms while away on vacation or during military deployment, as to why they would choose to store their firearms outside of their homes. However, not everyone has a friend or family member who can lawfully help with firearms storage. This service is a life-saving option that fills this gap.

In the spring of 2021, Hold My Guns® launched its first firearms storage partner locations in Massachusetts and Louisiana. As firearms laws vary from state to state, it is imperative that each state has at least one Hold My Guns® location. Your donation helps to save lives, protect property and preserve rights in all 50 states.

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